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Core Boxes and Patterns

Quality castings require quality patterns.

Castings can never be better than the patterns used to make them.

Since the date of its foundation in 1942, NANIWA has been supplying patterns, core boxes and core-setting jigs to the foundry industry in Japan and abroad.
In 1992 a new tool manufacturing plant equipped with modern CAD & CAM system was put into operation.
Here work groups of most experienced tool designers and skilled workers. Their long experience, accumulated know hows and unique ideas are embodied in the products.

NANIWA can accept orders not only for tooling, but also a complete set of machine with tooling - this is a big assurance for Customers.

Test blow of cores is possible on multipurpose core blowing machine in this plant.

Originally designed parts for tooling ( slit vents, blow nozzles, seal rubber for cold box, heater couplings for quick change of core-box ) are also available.

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