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The World Top Manufacturer of Core-making Machines and Tooling.

Since 24 Dec 1998

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Long history of continuous technical innovation - this really means NANIWA PRODUCTS CO.,LTD.
The company was established in 1942 and started with manufacturing of tooling for casting industry.
Since that time over 50 years NANIWA has been a leading manufacturer of Core Making Machines, Shell and Green Sand Molding Machines, Sand Mixers and Tooling (patterns, molding dies, core-boxes etc.) in Japan.
The company has been growing in pace with development of foundry industry in Japan.

Today we cover practically every type of Core Making Machines from standard to specialized and sophisticated machines including subsidiary equipment: Shell Core and Hot Box, Warm Box and Cold Box Core Shooters, Gas Generators and Scrubbers, Sand Mixers and Core Handling Equipment.

Being also a manufacturer of tooling, NANIWA can supply complete package of core production equipment including tooling, thus ensuring high quality of cores to Customers' satisfaction. The company was granted a number of patents for its inventions. In 1970 NANIWA firstly in the world put into practical use so-called SETSUGO System - state-of-the-art technology of making seamlessly interlocked core package applicable to crank case + bore core for cylinder block casting and was awarded a patent on this method in this year. (For more details, read following pages.)

On the basis of accumulated experience and know-how in machine building and tool manufacturing, NANIWA can offer real package solutions you may need for your core rooms.


e-mail: naniwap@gold.ocn.ne.jp

Update: Sept. 1st. 2000